Two Way Radios Sales/Programming

 Radio Installations:

Whether you need a radio installed as a base station or a vehicle BRC Staff are ready to make sure your antenna is tuned, secured, and capable to maximize your coverage area. Mobile installations can be customized to include a magnet mount or permanent hole. Blue Ridge Communications makes use of Laird, Larsen, and other reliable antenna brands for both mobile and base radio installations but can accommodate MOST requests for other brands. 

BRC does NOT provide programming for trunking systems

Radio Programming Guide:

Motorola Radios:
  • HT 750, 1250, 1550 and the LS equivalents
  • CDM 750, 1250, 1550 and the LS equivalents
  • XTS 1500, 2000, 2500, 5000
  • CP200
  • CP150
  • CM200
  • CM300
  • PR400
  • PM400
  • MCS2000
Kenwood Radios:
  • TK-980
  • TK-981
  • TK-880
  • TK-780
Baofeng Radios:
  • UV-5R
  • BF-F8HP
  • UV-82HP
  • UV-82C
BTech Radios:
  • BTECH UV-50X2
  • BTECH UV-25X4
  • BTECH UV-25X2